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Moscow Mule Cocktail and Copper Mugs – A Perfect Blend

Moscow Mule Cocktail and Copper Mugs

Moscow mule cocktail and copper are like eternal lovers. They both compliment each other and are always better together. Cocktails are not like any other drinks you have in the parties and bars, it is more than alcohol.

Moscow mule holds a special place in a long list of vodka drinks and we usually prepare it with lime juice and ginger beer and to get the best flavor, you need a copper mug to serve.

Although copper mugs and Moscow Mules are meant to be together recently, people are debating on the rich goodness of both. Since its introduction in Australia, Moscow mule mugs are the traditional serving pot for the Moscow mule. So the copper Moscow mules are that good? If so, why is this case? Let’s find out this boozy secret together.

Why Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow mule has always been served in a copper mug for enhanced taste and because tradition demands it. If you think you cannot drink the cocktail from the mug made up of stainless steel or another metal, you are wrong. You can drink from any metal pot you wish but you might miss the real taste. However, making the cocktail is simple if you have the right tools and ingredients to make the drink. There are few reasons copper mugs are the first choice to drink the cocktail.

Enhanced Taste

Taste and garnishing are everything when it comes to drinks and cocktails. Since ancient times, our ancestors invested a lot of their time in improving the drinks for better taste. Something like that happened to Moscow mule cocktails as well. Our proud ancestors somehow found out that copper is the best suited to drink vodka-powered Moscow mules.

Experts believe when you pour drinks in a copper pot; it gets oxidized. Thus, giving the drink a more aromatic and distinct taste. When the copper is in a cold state, it gives more bubbles to your drink, increasing the overall fizziness. It also boosts the tangy flavor of lime juice that easily balances the spicey nature of the ginger beer. When you finish your drink, take out a tissue from the tissue box cover on the table and clean the fizz from your mouth.

Extra Chilled Drinks

Copper metal has a higher conductivity rate than other metals like stainless steel or aluminium. Hence, when you put any drink (hot or cold) the temperature easily spreads through the mug. Cocktails are usually served chilled and what metal is better than copper to have supper chilled drink for a longer time. It captures the icy temperature from the drinks and ice cubes providing the drink a little extra touch of cold sensation. This ability of copper mugs brings a cooling effect during summertime to the passionate drinkers.


Copper Moscow mule mugs are in use for a very long time and the tradition is here to stay. The cocktail enthusiast knows what copper mugs bring to the table and how their taste differs from other various mugs available. Traditionally, there are two types of copper mugs available in the market – with and without a handle.


Mugs made from copper metal are the best choice to go with for drinking Moscow Mule cocktails. Other mugs made from other materials like plastic, glass, stainless steel are simply no match to the Moscow mule mugs. If you want the real refreshing taste, then always purchase authentic mugs from a reliable source. Check out for the amazing collection of copper products, facial tissue box holders, flatware, and more.

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