All Nestaire products are specially crafted to look beautiful and made with utmost attention to details.

However, copper products have a tendency to get tarnished.

To keep your copper ware from tarnishing –

– Please store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

– Do not put your copper ware in dishwasher as it will speed up the process of tarnishing.

– Hand wash copper ware and immediately dry them with a soft cloth.

– Store them away from sunlight to prolong the beauty of your products.

– Be careful with what you use to clean your wares as some products are abrasive and will scratch and damage your metal.

Do not use Copperware to drink or store citric products and juices.

Do not keep the Copper bottles in Deep Freezers or Microwave.

Follow the instructions below to clean your copper ware –

– Only inside cleaning of Nestaire products is required.

– Outer surfaces can be hand washed with warm soapy water.

– Do not use scrubbers/chemicals to clean the products.

In case the product is tarnished, pour lemon and salt solution in the ware, leave for 20 minutes, shake well and then rinse with water thoroughly. This will make your products look shiny and new again.

Clean your product once a week for them to continue to look shiny and beautiful.